The webinar will take place on March 1st directly on the training platform 

At a time when hospitals are digitizing all of their data, particularly patients' personal data and medical records, the confidentiality of documents and their security is becoming a major issue. In France, many hospital structures have been targeted by hackers for the past few years. Some attacks, where ransom was demanded, have even led to the leak of patients' personal data, including their medical records.

Beyond the issue of data security, it is also the entire hospital organization that suffers from a cyber attack. Often, the latter implies a restriction on the use of certain softwares to prevent the attack from spreading, and can seriously impact the handling of patients.

The uncertainty in this type of crisis lies not in whether it will happen, but when it will happen. It is therefore necessary to be prepared as of today by testing the security of the information system, but above all by preparing the personnel to react promptly. Preparing the communication as well as the protocol to follow is also essential to anticipate the crisis and better manage it at the appropriate time.



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